1. What is a Professional Organizer?


A Professional Organizer provides assistance, information, and systems to help people get organized in their homes.

2. What does a Professional Organizer do?


The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) defines the role of a Professional Organizer as follows:


1. “Professional organizers use tested principles and expertise to enhance the lives of clients. By designing custom organizing systems and teaching organizing skills, they help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper piles, their lives!”

2. “An organizer’s services can range from designing an efficient closet to organizing a cross-country move. For homeowners, he or she might offer room-by-room space planning and reorganization, estate organization, improved management of paperwork and computer files, systems for managing personal finances and other records, and/or coaching in time-management and goal-setting.”

3. “In business settings, an organizing pro can increase productivity and profitability with improvements in paper-filing and storage, electronic organizing, work-flow systems, employee time-management, space design, and more.”

3. Why should I hire a Professional Organizer?


Because we’re all busy! Sometimes we need other people to help us achieve our goals. People hire personal trainers, life coaches, and personal shoppers to help them achieve their goals. Hiring a Professional Organizer is very similar. I will help you reduce stress, achieve more productivity and regain control and calm in your home.

4. How does this work?


We start with a brief no-cost, no-obligation phone call so that I can learn more about your needs, your goals for your space, and you can learn about the services that I provide. If we decide to move forward, I come to your home and do a walk-through of the space. This gives us an opportunity to learn more about each other and your needs so that we can estimate the scope and cost of the project. Once you decide to move forward, we schedule working sessions (3 hour sessions) or longer (4-6 hour sessions if you have the stamina). Payment is expected at the end of each session. Make checks payable to Organized! by Kristi, or cash is accepted.

Once the project is complete, I will work with you on a maintenance basis to ensure that after I leave, you are still meeting your goals.

5. How long will it take?


That depends on you, the size of your space, and how much stuff is in it! You may be the type of person that will want to tell a story about each and every item in your home. If that’s the case, it will take more time. You may be ready to toss it all (or donate it). In that case, things will go more quickly.

6. How much does it cost?


Like you, every project is different. I charge an hourly rate and will provide approximate time estimates for each project. However, variables may arise which could increase the time of completion or scope of the project. Either way, I will work with you and within your budget to achieve your goals!

7. Is there a travel fee?


Travel fees of .50 cents per mile will be charged to locations beyond a 25 miles radius from Organized! by Kristi headquarters in Taunton, MA.

8. Are you going to make me throw things out?


Nope! My role is not to make you do anything, You have hired me to come into your home and work with you. This is a partnership My role is to help you achieve your goals. That may mean purging items that you no longer use and you no longer love.

9. Should I shop for storage containers and/or clean prior to our sessions?


No! There is no need to do either. I will work with you to determine the best containers and systems for your individual needs.

There is definitely no need to clean prior to our sessions. It’s best for me to see the space as it is so that I can assess and make suggestions for reclaiming it.

10. Will our sessions be kept confidential?


Yes! Your privacy is very important to me and I will maintain your confidentiality. You are welcoming me into your home to work with you, I will respect your privacy. I will use proprietary client information (e.g., pictures and testimonials) only with your permission.

Further, I hold clients’ information in complete confidentiality, as stated in the NAPO Code of Ethics. If you’d like more information about NAPO please visit their web site at and

11. Are you insured?


I sure am! I have full liability insurance. A certificate of insurance can be provided upon request.