I am Kristi Santilli and I’ve always had a passion for organizing home spaces. I’ve always found organizing to be an innate skill. Organizing a kitchen, closet, or bathroom is overwhelming to some but not to me… I love to sort, purge, and find items a home within a home. For me it’s exciting to see the ‘after’ and to feel that ‘oh so good’ feeling of being organized and clutter free…. Ohmmmm!

After spending over 20 years in the corporate world, I’ve decided to finally make my dream a reality! As such, Organized by Kristi was born in June 2016. I’m thrilled to be able to use my compassion, passion and skills to help others achieve calm and serenity within their nests.

I organize it all…from basements to attics and all the stuff in between. I can even help organize meals and menus, pictures and paper.

When I’m not organizing, I enjoy being home with my best friend & hubby, our spirited little boy, and our 2 furry friends. I love to cook, read and shop.

I’m all about decorating and all things Disney. In the summer, you can find me in our pool or on the beach.