Grab the Wheel from the Instant Gratification Monkey

Woman businesswoman with giant alarm clock

September 6, 2017 is Fight Procrastination Day! Are you a procrastinator? Do you have a daunting task that you keep putting off? Maybe a decluttering project such as the bedroom closet, basement or garage? Well, carpe diem, as they say on September 6th! Fight back and stop putting off those tasks, conversations, or projects that you have been so cleverly avoiding. Procrastination causes unnecessary stress in our lives. Even when we put off something for another something that is fun, feelings of guilt creep up inside. I encourage you all to view Tim Urban’s Ted Talk. It is quite comical and oh so true! I think many of us can relate.

Do not let the Instant Gratification Monkey take the wheel. Think about what you have been procrastinating about and make a plan to tackle it on Tuesday. I think that you will be happy that you did.

Let me know what you did to fight procrastination! I am looking forward to hearing your stories.

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